• I want to know how I cand find an especific voice note from de file ''WhatsApp Voice Notes''?
  • I thought that the numbers of the files means year, months or something like that but I couldnt find it because I have thousands of voice notes
  • If I want an especific voice note from 18 February 2015 how will be named?
  • I have the file on my PC so I can't use my smartphone



Short answer

On your PC ( or mobile ) do a wildcard search for PTT-20150218*.opus to get a list of all voice notes of 18 February 2015

Folder numbering is YYYYWW where YYYY is the year and WW is the week number of year - 201726 is the folder for voice notes created in the current week (at the time of writing )

Long answer

As per How to get specific whatsApp voice note from your mobile which says

Whatsapp creates folders and names them as week numbers of the year. So folder number 201612 (in the example above) means that what ever voice notes I've sent or received between 21st March 2016 to 27th March, should be saved in that folder

(Emphasis Supplied)

In this example, week 12 of that year covers 21sr to 27th March

So, you would need to calculate from calendar the week of year your date falls in and see the corresponding folder, which happens to be 201508 (please double check the week number of year - I did it in a hurry )

Edit: I just created few voice notes and the logic given above is correct.

  • Folder numbering is YYYYWW where YYYY is the year and WW is the week number of year - 201726 ( path /storage/emulated/0/WhatsApp/Media/WhatsApp Voice Notes/201726 )

  • Within the folder, files are arranged in PTT-YYYYMMDD-WA000X.opus, where X increases as created


WhatsApp audio format is like this AUD-YYYYMMDD-WAxxxx.opus/m4a/mp3/aac/amr which are saved in the folder WhatsApp/Media/Whatsapp Audio.

WhatsApp voice format is like this PTT-YYYYMMDD-WAxxxx.opus which are in folder WhatsApp/Media/WhatsApp Voice Notes. WhatsApp voice notes may have sub folders which created based on voice note receiving week number(Example: 201726(26-weeknumber)).

(Y-year, M-month, D-date, x-numbers )

  • yes. I am also confused about this. Because I got a voice note yesterday and the folder like this 201726(yesterday's date). – Rahul Gopi Jun 27 '17 at 6:09
  • 1
    Isn't yesterday falling in 26th week of year? I think it is so the logic as per that source appears correct – beeshyams Jun 27 '17 at 6:13

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