This little treat appeared on my lock screen this morning. It seems to be intermittent, only replacing the real lock screen about one in three times. Has anyone else seen it?

enter image description here


It is probably and App launcher or user installed file manager. If you use something like ES explorer, buying pro version will probably fix it. Check if the ads go away by disabling any "feature" app.

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  • I've checked the all the lists of apps which do this but I don't have any of them. Also checked the for instances of ChargeLockerService permission, did not see it for anything – Matthew Millman Aug 27 '17 at 6:24
  • Do you have developer options enabled? If you don't, go to Settings>About Phone>Software Info>Build Number and tap build number seven times. You should have access to Developer options. Check Running Services and select apps to check the service they are running. The ones running ChargerLockerService are the culprit. Source: slashgear.com/… – SlickToes192 Aug 27 '17 at 7:34

Ok.. lemme guess.. you have a Samsung device. Right?
It's not an app.. IT'S SAMSUNG!!

Go to settings --> Advanced --> Quick Charging and then turn it off or something..

Hope it helps!

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