I wondered if it is possible to run a Linux executable on Android so I made a simple console application in Code::Blocks in C++ (I am using Ubuntu Linux), built it in release mode and copied it into a virtual device in GenyMotion (because I don't have a real x86 Android device).

I installed the app called material terminal on the virtual device and moved the executable into /data/local/tmp.

I gave it execute permissions by typing: chmod 777 hwrel.

Then I tried to run it by typing ./hwrel ,but it said sh: ./hwrel: no such file or directory.

Is it even possible to run Linux executables on Android?


Yes it is possible but due to Android using a different libc and architecture you'll need to compile your program with android-ndk.

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  • But the architecture is the same since I am using a GenyMotion for this purpose. – IronPig Nov 3 '17 at 10:11

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