I want to find out what type of Fast Charging is supported by different combinations of Android device, cable and charger.

I have a variety of devices, from different manufacturers and with different Android versions; a selection of USB chargers with different rated voltage and current outputs; and a miscellany of USB cables and adaptors. I want to work out which ones to use to get the fastest charge rate for each. Also, I would like to be able to decide which new chargers/powerbanks to buy for best compatibility. I understand that there are various different methods of Fast Charging (as explained at battery - How does fast charging work?). Unfortunately, the documentation supplied with my devices is pretty sparse.

Is there some way (an app, diagnostic screen, API call, etc.) that I can get my devices to tell me some of the following:

  • Which fast charging standard(s) does the Android device support (e.g. Qualcom Quick Charge 2.0, USB Power Delivery 3.0, etc.)?
  • Which fast charging standard(s) does the connected charger support?
  • What standard is actually in use?

Alternatively, are there any good rules for inferring what standard is in use from the current being drawn?

I have seen various apps that display the charging current, but the ones I have tried haven't displayed information about the standard being used.

This question is similar to How do I know that a charger is a Turbo Charger for my Moto, but I want to know about the supported standards, not just "am I fast charging?". Also, I would like some way of interrogating the hardware, rather than having to google the specs for each device and charger separately. For clarity, I am only interested in wired USB charging, not wireless.

  • One way would be to identify the used charging chip in each device, e.g. using a device tear down like those from ifixit.com. Based on the used chip the chip's data sheet should contain the detailed information about the supported charging methods. – Robert Aug 18 at 11:18
  • Unfortunately it isn't easy to find this information - especially for chargers. I don't want to start cracking them open myself! Hence I was after a software-based method of getting the device to tell me itself. – JRI Aug 25 at 9:40

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