Note: This question is specifically about Google Docs on Android, not Google spreadsheet on Android.

Instructions from this page shows how to insert a checklist using the Android app or Google Docs. I was able to follow those instructions on the Google Docs Android app, however, I need to then quickly and easily check off each item. The instructions on that webpage are given for a desktop web interface, because it refers to clicking the right mouse button and selecting an operation, but how do I do that within the Google Docs Android app? Is this impossible?

I currently believe the answer is "no", but I hope someone will prove me wrong about that.

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As you know, the checkmark bullet list is not available on Google Docs's Android version. A not elegant workaround is to insert the checkmark character yourself then realign it.

Use one of the many keyboard apps that provide unicode characters (I used this). Search for checkmark, copy and then paste it on your document. Then realign it to be on the same column than the real bullets as shown on the image.

Disclaimer: I am just a use of the linked app.


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