I was looking here and there and i can't find any answers how to root my samsung galaxy s6 i was trying to root fully i was trying kingoroot,iroot,kingroot i can't so i find a different way to root my phone i just plug my computer and just download some files and show those steps that how to root a android phone? it says you need to root but a way to root the way is to enable bootloader so i have no option in my settings now guys how i will root my phone guys help me out of this thing!


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Every phone is rooted diferently. It depends on the phone and current ROM installed. Normally the steps are as follows:

  1. Enable USB debugging in the developer options for your phone. Sometimes the bootloader is also unlocked from the developer options.
  2. Unlock the boot loader.
  3. Install a custom recovery(TWRP, CWM).
  4. Flash the root software with the custom recovery.

For your phone there seem to have been changes in the root process. You can try this video and report if you find any problem.