I recently bought a Pixel 4a and being used to a way smaller phones before (4.7 inches), it's gigantic for me. I'm trying to find a way to decrease the usable space of the screen (from the top) and hide the camera cutout.

I found out this, but the option is only available on Samsung (and other brands). Then I found out this thread and the wm overscan ADB command and just as it looked like I found a solution, it turned out Google deprecated the overscan command in Android 11.

I tried also Nacho Notch and other "notch-hiding" software, but they only "blacken" the notification bar and don't actually reduce the screen size.

Any ideas what I can do to actually achieve this on Android 11?

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I have the same issue with my Google Pixel 4a. Fortunately even though overscan is deprecated, setting size still works. The downside is that the screen is centered instead of being aligned to the bottom of the screen.

Open a root shell on your phone, then run:

wm size # to get your current phone display size
wm size 1080x1800 # slightly reduce the display size

You can also use wm size reset to reset the display size.

Edit: you can also use Screen Shift to edit the screen resolution. (Overscan won't work.)

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