Hello unlike all the problems here which is related to their USB Tethering in android being grayed out or not working at all when connected, mine is an odd case

I use usb tethering with my android Xiaomi Mi9 since my PC doesn't have LAN and the wifi dongle reads my wifi as "Hidden Network" and inputting SSID still doesn't work

I can toggle on and off USB Tethering but the tethering doesn't work all the time. There are times where I tether and it gives my PC internet. There are also times where nothing happens even though my tethering is turned on and i have to turn it on and off multiple times until it does.

Now It's even worse because i have to on-off it multiple times like 5-10 times already.

I didn't use USB debugging and I don't have any VPN applications I tried using a different wire and it's still the same.

Can anyone give me insight on what the problem might be?

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Need to narrow it down a bit, potentially three items assuming that your phone network operator is not at fault

Phone itself

Data cable

The PC

Can you if possible try your phone and cable on a different PC.

Do you have any data transfer issues with the phone on the PC ? such as backups etc, worth trying another cable if possible.

Daft one but try the cable in a different USB port too.

Finally if you are able to try a different phone on your PC to test if tethering works.

It may not matter but others could need to know what OS your PC is running.

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