I was researching on methods to try and recover my data and I learned something interesting, a user 'kuruczgyurci' posted:

This does not exactly answer the original question, but since I managed to brick my bootloader in the meantime, this is what I ended up doing, and it might be useful for someone else in the future:

Allwinner SOCs have a built in Boot ROM, and it supports various modes, so these devices are virtually unbrickable. In particular, it supports a so called FEL mode (http://linux-sunxi.org/FEL) which can be used to boot the device over USB. I nice open-source tool has been written that can communicate with the device in this special mode (http://linux-sunxi.org/Sunxi-tools#sunxi-fel). Using this, you can boot your own bootloader. (And with that, you can boot your own kernel, etc.) The linux-sunxi.org website has very detailed instructions regarding Allwinner SoC devices, so I recommend that you check out their other articles as well.

I found this quite interesting and so my noggin started to think: could this potentially apply to Snapdragon COCs? Could they potentially contain a built-in Boot ROM?

It would be logically possible considering that if perhaps someone completely ruined important partitions, to the point the boot-loader doesn't even load, and it's completely bricked, that Motorola can fix it.

I'm pretty sure I recall talking to a Moto Rep a long time ago and they said that it is possible to fix a phone that you messed up all the way up to the bootloader.

I would assume 'Yes' they do.
So, is it possible?



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