I have a Samsung S10e, with android 11.

Whenever I use the camera, I hear a very mild sound that appears as if it were produced by an actual mechanical displacement of parts, not coming from the speaker. It is similar to the (old) point-and-shoot cameras when autofocusing.

  1. Is that possible?
  2. If so, is there any way of confirming this?
  3. If the sound is "mechanical", is that normal/expected, or is it a sign of something wrong (even if perhaps not serious)? (see link below)


  1. Shutter sound and Vibration feedback are set to Off.

  2. Sounds are produced, e.g., when I:

    • activate the Camera app
    • exit the Camera app
    • open settings in the camera app (with the cog)
    • exit settings in the camera app
    • change mode (photo, video, more, etc.)
  3. Sounds are not produced when I take pictures

  4. If I shake the phone I hear a mild noise as well (not exactly the same). It is louder if I shake it up and down, than if I shake it left-right. Perhaps related to the OIS, but not sure...

  5. Some people noticed similar clicks here, here and here, not sure it is the same. Not sure if the S10e is expected to make that noise.

  6. This warns about upcoming failure.

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I confirm I could see a sort of a shutter opening and closing (but not fully) whenever the click is heard.

I am not sure if it is "likely the aperature of the adjustable lens adjusting for the current light in the shot." (VerbumVeritum, Samsung Care Ambassador), or the OIS as linked in the OP, or...

Hopefully it does not precede failure.

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