I have a pixel 6 and a deity v lav. I connect the lav microphone to a 3.5mm to usbc adapter then connect them both to my phone. My phone recognizes the deity v lav as an external headphone instead of a microphone

When I do the exact same thing but connect it to my computer instead there's no issue. Any ideas?

  • Is the USB-C adapter capable of processing microphone signals or does it only support headphones?
    – Robert
    Jan 12 at 8:03
  • I can get the microphone to work if I use opencamera and force external microphone but I want to use gcam :(
    – nachime
    Jan 17 at 7:07

Screenshot of Google Camera

What do you exactly mean when saying that your phone only recognizes your microphone as headphones? On my phone (Google Pixel 4a) with my headphones, I am able to select the headphones as microphone as follows:

  • Plug in headphones
  • Start Google Camera
  • Switch to video
  • Hit the settings gear icon on the top
  • The last setting in the popup allows selecting the headphones as microphone, as seen on the picture.

Did you already try those steps? If yes, and it still didn't work, I don't think that there's anything that can be done.

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