I have a Samsung Galaxy Y phone, I use the Android App called as "Any.Do" to help me with my To-do list management. One of it's widgets called as the "Any.Do Grande (4x4)" occupies the whole of my phone's homescreen.

Now, I know that the screen size of my mobile is relatively smaller than most android mobiles available in the Market.

So, my question here is: If a widget occupies the whole screen of my mobile, will it do so for mobiles of various different screen-sizes too?

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According to the android developers guide

This grid can vary by device; for example, many handsets offer a 4x4 grid, and tablets can offer a larger, 8x7 grid

That being said, most phones have a 4x4 grid. One exception that I know of is the Galaxy Note which has a 5x5 grid. Also I've read about custom ROMS or mods that change a default 4x4 grid to 4x5 or 5x5

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