My Tasker version: 1.3.3u2m; Android: ICS 4.0.4

To every Profile or Context I can set up Name. And I wanna use this Name with Tasks.

Let's take an example:

  1. I have Profile with Name "SampleProf"
  2. In this Profile I have Context with name "SampleCon"
  3. Next I wanna create Task like:
    • New Task > Variable > Variable Set
      • Name > Variable Select > %sampleVar
      • To > Variable Select > HERE I WANT TO SELECT VARIABLE WITH NAME OF PROFILE("SampleProf") OR CONTECT("SampleCon")

Is there way to do that at this moment?

I only see that there is "Profiles Active" variable (%PACTIVE), but, this puts as value, ALL names of Active Profiles.


There is no such option at this moment.

We can use "Profiles Active" variable (%PACTIVE).

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    And you can parse/split it, use a "like" compare, etc. It's a comma-separated list, so ~ *,myprof,* or something alike should do. – Izzy Mar 29 '13 at 20:27

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