I'm using android 2.3.6. It automatically caches all the music that I add. This kind of annoys me because every time I delete a song the name of the song still appears in the music list. Therefore every time I make any changes I have to clear data from the Media App. I've been doing this for a long time and now I've had enough of it. Can someone tell me how to prevent auto caching of media files?

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Very unlikely. That's the MediaScanner's responsibility. For faster access it scans all directories on given events (e.g. SDCard mounted, boot_completed) and stores the results in a database, where most players pick it up from.

So you can either use a tool like e.g. SDrescan to trigger the MediaPlayer's scan whenever you've manipulated files -- or find yourself a music player that doesn't use Android's media database but rather works e.g. folder based.

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