I have built an android app which is locked in landscape orientation. I want to have o live view of my mobile in my PC in order to make a demonstration of my app. The problem is that the screen doesn't show properly. I have tested some apps like droid VNC server and Airdroid but the problem is that my app's screen is rotated 90 degrees and it seems that these apps where showing my landscape app in portrait mode. Is there any solution?

Sorry for my English


Try using team view app.Here is the link:


Now a new functionality called as screen cast has come.Hope We find more Apps related to the same.

Provide technical remote support to your android devices using the TeamViewer QuickSupport app and the TeamViewer Host app for Android.

Examples of what the app enables you to do include pushing Wi-Fi settings to the device, transferring files to the device, or controlling the device remotely. Remote control (in the classical sense of a TeamViewer remote control session) is currently available for devices from the following manufacturers:

Asus (for business customers)
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Have a look at My Mobiler. It's free and works like a charm.

I use it while developing on both Windows Mobile and Android, especially when needing to demonstrate the applications but also while debugging. It solves your problem by showing the screen properly and you can rotate it (which it does automatically). It even has easy screen capturing and video recording.

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