I have a friend's public key with the associated email address bla@bla.com. I would like to use the key to send an encrypted email to the email address not@not.com.

Is this possible in R2Mail2 for Android? I can in Thunderbird/Enigmail, but it doesn't seem possible in R2Mail2.


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Here's an idea for your problem. Had the same as well. Searched a long time to get my Keys to the Android phone.

I work with OSX. There is a tutorial how to Export the keys it seems to be a matter of Key and Certificate conversion. Hope that helps:


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Encrypt your message to any public key(s). I also recommend encrypt-to-self. Then send it as an attachment to any address.


No thats not possible within R2Mail2 at the moment. As soon I have time I will implement an option where you can link additional email addressee to an public key.

regards stefan

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