I've looked around the internet for this problem ad/or solution for hours and have found absolutely nothing on this problem. My tablet is brand new, straight from the box.

When i have it plugged in and turn it on, theres absolutely NO problems at all. Everything works like it should and the battery is detected and charges fine (at 100%). I can even unplug it after booting it and it will continue to run.

Now if i try to turn it on without it being plugged in first, it refuses to turn on. I tried the 30+ second power hold with no result. I also took the back off and disconnected/reconnected the battery port but it still doesnt work. Anyone have any thoughts ?

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We'll there is no fix for this. I have had my N7 for one month and it is doing the same thing described--if it is not plugged in it will not start up. So here is what I have experienced relative to this problem. First the N7 I just pulled out of the box did the same thing. So I brought it back to the store to exchange it and to be safe I tried the next three at the store and they all had the same problem. The fourth one worked for a month. Now that it will not start up I called Google they would help only if I bought it through the PlayStore. They passed me to Asus who gave me only one option - return to have it repaired not replaced. I am very disappointed in Google. They know they have a problem but do not want to say so in the public. Very sad

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