How can I make an incoming call in genymotion emulator in android?

I am using genymotion emulator to run and test my app.

In the native emulator DDMS, we can make a fake call. Can this be done using the genymotion emulator?

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  • You can't simulate a call in Genymotion stackoverflow.com/questions/22198871/… – Ibrahim MAATKI Oct 30 '14 at 10:50
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Hey i found call function in geymotion :) #thanks @Rajkiran

The Phone widget allows to test applications relying on telephony features and observe their behavior when receiving a call or a text message.

enter image description here

To use the Phone widget, click or Ctrl + 8.
To simulate an incoming call:
1.Enter an incoming phone number.
2.Click Call.

To simulate an incoming message:

1.Enter an incoming phone number.
2.Enter a text message.
3.Click Send message.

The text message is displayed in the virtual device via a notification and can also be read in the Messaging application.

:( This feature is only available with Indie and Business licenses.

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