I rooted my phone and, perhaps over-zealously, removed many of the system apps which I deemed junk.

But, now I'm trying to restore one of the apps I removed, but simply restoring the file to the /system/app directory and giving the right permissions (rw-r--r-- to root:root) does not allow me to use the app on my phone.

I am trying to restore the Gallery3d.apk app file (from a backup) to my LG P509 phone. I am not sure if this solution will have general application or will only apply to this particular app.

I have already tried copying the app to the user-accessible storage and trying to install it as a User app, but the install fails.

How do I restore this app (or these types of apps) so that my phone will be able to use it again?

  • You probably need to reboot after putting the file back in /system/app. Or otherwise force it to refresh the list of installed apps (which maybe the pm command can do, not sure) – derobert May 1 '14 at 20:43

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