I recently got fed up with my previous smartphone (name omitted) and I'm considering switching to an Android-based phone. However, I have been stumped by the sheer number of handsets. I'm more than willing to change carriers and I have no preferences in keyboard style.

What I am looking for (and cannot find on Google) is a comparison of features between different Android phones so that I can make an educated decision (or at least whittle that decision down).


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  • Wikipedia - List of Android smartphones: This link to Wikipedia shows a list of Android devices. It is recommended to click on Version twice, to sort with the latest Android version at the top.
  • GSM Arena has a great tool to compare devices one to another.
  • PhoneScoop has an excellent search engine and compares an extensive list of features side-by-side with differences highlighted automatically.
  • PhoneDB: It's a bit overwhelming with all the options you have available to filter by, but it always seems up-to-date. It can also find phones other than Android.
  • PC Pro has a well-sorted reviews section - click on Android (under OS) and you'll have a list. You can tick the boxes next to the phones and then a compare button will appear giving you a line-by-line comparison. Note this is a UK site and some phones have different names to the US versions.
  • ConsumerReports.org: If you're willing to pay a little, this site really does well at apples-to-apples comparisons on a wide variety of products, including cell phones.
  • Versus.

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