In order to connect a pen drive to One M8, I tried using a female-female USB adapter with one end connected to my phone via the provided USB cable and a pen drive inserted into the other end.. however this didn't work*.

Can anyone pls provide me the reason for this? Thanks in advance. :)

  • after referring to Google I came to know that OTG cable is required.. but why is my setup not working like an OTG cable?
  • Also, this setup doesn't work for Galaxy Tab 2 too! – Harshal Gajjar Sep 19 '14 at 18:51

In USB, one device acts as the host, and others as peripherals. USB-on-the-go sockets and cables use particular pins wired together to let each device know which rôle it should play. Your home-made cable didn't have this, so the phone was trying to act as a peripheral, not a host. If you'd learned about USB-OTG before trying to make your own cable, and shorted together the correct pins on the host end of the cable, it would have worked fine.

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