I've seen several sites using SuperOneClick, but can't seem to find a legitimate download link to it. (The original site, shortfuse.org was down).

I then saw TowelRoot, but it tripped Norton, saying it was a Trojan.

I also looked at iRoot, which also tried to trick me into downloading a virus.

I thought the gurus here might have some advice (or even just a SuperOneClick executable) to help me out.

How do I root my device?



PS I already looked at the one-root-question-per-device thread -- my device wasn't there.

PPS Possible relevant information -- It is speculated that this phone is a rebranding of the Galaxy Mini for T-Mobile, however it has capacitative buttons instead of the galaxy mini's tactile buttons. (I don't know if this helps)

PPPS The original SuperOneClick thread on XDA-Developers

PPPPS I also checked KingoApp -- no dice

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