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Turn on Nexus One without Power button

My Google Nexus One has a broken power button. I'm using CyanogenMod-7.2.0-passion on it. I would like to configure trackball to turn on my device (after battery died or after changing the SIM or SD ...
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Can MAME4droid emulate a trackball?

I see trackballs mentioned in the MAME4droid settings, but only a virtual joystick appears when playing. Is there support for emulating trackballs via the touchscreen?
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3 votes
2 answers

How can I wake up my Nexus One using trackball?

I have Nexus One and the power button stopped working. It's a known issue but I'm not in USA and I can't get it fixed since I got it from there. Is there any way that I could wake it up without using ...
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How can I live without a trackball?

I've been using a Nexus One for the past year and half and am very happy with it as a phone. I am not, however, happy with my carrier and so will be trading up very soon. Amongst the current crop of ...
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What's the purpose of the trackball?

what's the point of the trackball of the Nexus One and of the analogous devices in other similar phones? (e.g. HTC Desire's optical pointing device). Is there any use case for which the touchscreen ...
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