When I put my phone into the dock, it vibrates very strongly and for too long (IMO). Is it possible to turn that off or at least to decrease the intensity and/or duration of the vibration?

This is about a Samsung I9000 Galaxy S, with the Samsung ECR-D968BEG desktop dock/charger. The phone is running Android 2.3.3.


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This app allows you to set duration of vibration

Vibration Notifier Makes Sure that You Don’t Miss Important Email and SMS Messages

This app allows to have settings based on conditions such as in a dock

With Locale and the Dock Plug-in Condition, your phone can automatically perform actions based on whether it is docked in the car, desk, or undocked. Automatically launch an app with the Shortcut Plug-in when docked at home, enable Bluetooth in the car!


Tasker can also be used to perform actions based on conditions.

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    Can you expand on that? How, exactly, would one use Tasker to solve this problem?
    – ale
    Apr 19, 2013 at 18:59

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