I installed Better Battery Stats (BBS) v2 from XDA and quickly realized that the actual required version is 2.1. So I tried to uninstall BBS via ADB but that failed because BBS is a system app.

Now when I try to install the new version, I got:

bash-3.2$ adb install BetterBatteryStats_xdaedition_2.1.0.0_B4.apk
3925 KB/s (3671858 bytes in 0.913s)
        pkg: /data/local/tmp/BetterBatteryStats_xdaedition_2.1.0.0_B4.apk

And when I try to uninstall it, I got:

bash-3.2$ adb uninstall com.asksven.betterbatterystats_xdaedition

Can anyone point out how can I resolve this issue? I just want BBS 2.1 Beta. I am using a Nexus 4 running stock 5.1.1 (rooted).

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    Did you try using a system uninstaller app to see what happens? // Somebody somewhere suggested to use pm uninstall <pkg> and see what happens. Someone else said that having multiple accounts results in this. Don't know the reasoning but it kinda helped them. // May be you can try deleting the apk from /system manually and the associated data of it. – Firelord Jun 3 '15 at 16:04
  • Can you run adb as sudo? sudo adb install BetterBatteryStats_xdaedition_2.1.0.0_B4.apk You may need to give full path when you do so though. – raddevus Dec 11 '18 at 19:11

Type the following:

adb shell //open adb shell
su //get root permissions
pm uninstall your.package.name //uninstall the app

Hope my answer helps!

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