I have a MiPad which works only with WiFi. How do I use it as a GPS device? Google map isn't able to access my location and my MiPad doesn't support tethering.


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I found the solution on MIUI website here:

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  1. Have a device that has GPS built-in and tethering/hotspot. In my case, I'm using the Xiaomi Mi 3.
  2. Download and install TetherGPS Lite on both the Xiaomi Mi 3 and Xiaomi Mi Pad.

How it works:

  1. In the Xiaomi Mi Pad, enable Settings-Developer Options-Allow mock locations.


  2. GPS location must be enabled on both devices.

    IMG: IMG:

  3. On the Xiaomi Mi 3, enable Settings-Wireless & networks-Tethering & portable hotspot-Portable hotspot.


  4. On the Xiaomi Mi Pad, enable Settings-WLAN and I connect to my Xiaomi Mi 3 hotspot.


  5. Start TetherGPS on both devices.


  6. On the Xiaomi Mi 3, click on Start Server.

  7. On the Notifications bar, you will see the IP of the TetherGPS Server. Note it down.


  8. You will also see that your device will be searching for the location until it is found.

  9. On your Xiaomi Mi Pad, click on Start Client.


  10. Under the Notifications bar, if you find that TetherGPS Client is not working, go into the TetherGPS app. Uncheck "Automatic Broadcast IP" and key in the IP you noted down earlier. Click on "Stop Client" and on "Start Client" again.


  11. If the setup is working, you will notice that both Notifications bar will show the connection time of TetherGPS.

  12. Start your Google Maps or any other navigation apps and enjoy driving from point A to point B using your big 7.9" screen.

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The solution for one of your problem is here . You can enable hotspot on your MI Pad


Yes you can do it.

Ie is what you want if you use xender, interconnected games or shareit.

Have a happy time from here after

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