I have 4.2 version. I developed application which implements a webserver on the device. so If I want to connect to the device all I need to do is address its ip: http://192.168.10.x:8080. I want to replace the IP with a predefined host name, just like 'computer name' in windows: http://android_device:8080.

I found that I need to use Netbios, but I dont know how to activate a service like that.

Is it possible? I dont mind rooting the device.

thanks! Asaf


That's not an Android specific question, but rather general networking stuff. You need something to resolve the name. As the IP you've named points to a "local network", and if you want to connect from a single computer only, the easiest way to achieve this is making use of the Hosts file of your computer's OS. On Linux this is /etc/hosts, where you can simply add a line like this: android_device

That's it. Syntax is the same on other OS's, just the location of the file might differ: see this section of the linked Wikipedia page for details.

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