I lost my s3 mini and all my phone numbers were backed up on Google cloud. When I activated my moto g and downloaded all my numbers, some of the ones that showed up on my phone were numbers that were unlisted or private and names popped up in my contact list. I deleted them from my contact list on my phone, but when it backs up and re-syncs, the numbers that I had deleted from my phone show up again. I need to delete them from my cloud, but I can't find them in my Google account, and my gmail only shows email contacts, not from my phone.

  • In the Settings within your Contacts/People app, there should be there should be a way to toggle which contacts to display. Pick the option to display contacts from all accounts/locations i.e. Phone, SIM, Google accounts etc. and delete any unwanted contacts. All unwanted contacts should be gone. You can then again toggle which location/account you want your contacts list to be populated from. – MorrisIriga Sep 30 '15 at 1:37

If you wanna edit your contacts via webinterface you can do this at https://contacts.google.com.

Just for people who wanna know this today ;)


The person who picked up your phone is probably still using it. Delete all unnecessary contacts and afterwards immediately change your google password and logout from all devices for once.

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