I "accidentally" did factory reset my sister's phone. I'm interested in trying out AccessData FTK Imager but the problem is i don't know how to load the android filesystem for insepection?

Or more broadly, how to recover from factory reset. No backups, no google sync.

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There is no way to roll back a factory reset. There are, however, ways to recover data from the internal drive.

As always, if your are dealing with a potentially catastrophic loss scenario make a copy of the current state. The time-tested way is to clone the state by using dd via the adb (Android Debug Bridge) tool from the Android SDK. Guymager may be an alternative but I haven't used it for this purpose yet.

After creating a clone you can attach the phone to a PC and try your luck with Testdisk or the less powerful but easier to use Recuva (MS Windows only). If this is not working out, bring in the big guns.

Get a copy of Paladin (it includes Autopsy/Sleuth-Kit, a powerful forensics tool) and start digging. Be warned, this can take a long time.

  • How did you say you can use Recuva for the dd image? I tried mounting the image using OSFMount and it mounts as a ext3 filesystem, for what it's worth. Now Recuva see's the partition but treats it as invalid. Nov 9, 2015 at 22:12

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