I can't find the simplest of information on anything for Droid Explorer. For instance, I did a backup, the backup screen disappeared, where does it put my *.ab file?

Does the Droid Explorer app have documentation?

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Documentation for Droid Explorer can be found on the GitHub repository's wiki.

  • As the lead developer of droid explorer, I want to point out that while this is a great answer to where the documentation is, the documentation is very limited. Also, the GitHub wiki and code is not official and won't be official until I do the next release. Commented Nov 9, 2015 at 16:00

Disclaimer: I am the lead developer on Droid Explorer.

As corti.nico said, those are the locations to find documentation. Documentation is very sparse. I am always looking for someone to help with creating documentation.

To answer where the backup file is saved, it is put in %USERPROFILE%\Android Backups. This is not currently configurable, but I have been working on making that configured as part of the install.

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