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How to backup an Android device?

If I want to install a modified firmware like CyanogenMod, it seems like I should wipe the phone clean both before and after the operation.

But what will happen to all of my

  • Android configurations (known Wi-Fi networks, bluetooth pairings, etc)
  • installed apps
  • app data
  • app configurations?

Is there a simple way to make a backup of all of that and then restore them after the wipe on the brand new OS?

What about stuff on SD card? Should I wipe the SD card clean too? What about the apps that are installed there?

(I've tried to look for other backup related questions, but they have to do with restoring the device to the exact same state - which of course would be the usual case when restoring backups.)

  • You should read the answers to those questions, partial backups and restores are entirely covered. Commented Sep 18, 2011 at 23:32


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