I have a cleaning program on my phone and one of the program functions is to optimize CPU.
When I try this, it says I do not have root privileges.

How can I get root privileges on my android LG MS330 ?

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I'm suggesting something similar to what @Gokul NC has suggested. I'm assuming you have a computer, so this is a better option with a higher chance of successfully rooting.

Access your computer, go to the browser, and download Kingo root from https://www.kingoapp.com. Once it's downloaded, install the program, connect your device, and you'll be given further instructions within the app. I have tested this method more than 10 times, you should experience satisfying results.

  1. Enable Developers Options on the device & allow Unknown Sources to install the non Play Store app.
  2. Download Kingroot app (apk) & install it.
  3. Run the app & click “Try to Root” button to start rooting process.
  4. Wait until it’s done, and your phone might reboot.
  5. Your device is now rooted..

    Optional: You can replace KingUser app with SuperSU using SuperSU-me app

Source: XDA

  • Kingroot is spyware. DO NOT download it. Mar 13, 2019 at 22:25

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