I have an LG LEON which has a damaged screen & digitizer. USB Debug is off. I can access somewhat via PC. I tried a USB OTG cable & mouse as well as various software to get some critical data from the QuickMemo+ app. I have a new LG LEON, all updated & I noticed all the data for the QuickMemo+ app seems to be on the SD card. Ive used various apps & the LG software to attempt to get at the data for the QuickMemo app off the old phone. Under Internal Storage/data there seems to be a folder for QM+ but all it contains is images & screencaps not the .db I need. Question: can I swap SD cards & have my old QM+ data? Or will that just over write the data I want? Should I get a MicroSD to usb adapter & attempt a backup first? Other options besides spend more than the phone is worth on a digitizer repair? I will, sa the data is critical... Also - I attempted to use the LG PC backup software to transfer the QM+ app to PC & restore to my new phone. I just got an empty Qm+ with no memos. I hope that i didn't damage my memos on the old system. Thoughts?

  • I am having the same problem, so will you update and let me know if the microsd usb worked?
    – Amanda
    Sep 2 '18 at 15:45

Going to try a microSD to USB adapter on the PC & make a backup, hope i didnt do any damage using the lg pc backup software, and look for my .db file in linux & windows

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