I want to listen to the podcasts I have on my Android phone while I'm playing games on my computer and therefore, I want to stream the audio from my phone to my Windows 10 computer.

I'm wondering if it's possible to do that through USB?

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While you probably can route audio to USB (I assume if you connect a USB device that identifies it as a USB audio receiver... thingy) your PC is a USB host.

So a better solution would be to get a USB audio adapter like this (may not be necessary if you have a mic in port), connect your headphone into the mic, and get something like VLC to play it.

Windows also allows to "Listen" to an input device which plays it out of your speakers so you don't need VLC or a special player. (See image below). Note that this can be annoying if you do video conferencing as you will have to make sure this is disabled when you're on a call.

Windows listen to device options


You can use scrcpy and your Android audio goes through your PC by default.

This application mirrors Android devices (video and audio) connected via USB or over TCP/IP


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