I have 2 Azpen tablets, one running 5.1.1, the other running 4.2.2. I have an OpenVPN server and I am able to connect and use it successfully with a variety of devices (Windows, Linux, and the 4.2.2 tablet).

On both tablets I use OpenVPN Connect.

However, with the 5.1.1 tablet, it connects, I receive 4.02 Mbytes of data, and then nothing else ever happens. Applications are unable to get any data from the network.

Something else is clearly wrong too, because when I hit Disconnect in OpenVPN Connect, it does not disconnect cleanly. It seems to hang for a few seconds, then I get a message about "threads", and the normal network connection does not come back until I power the tablet off and back on. If I try to connect again with OpenVPN before the power cycle, it hangs at the DNS step.

The OpenVPN config files on both devices are identical except for the device-specific items. I have to think there is a setting somewhere on the Lollipop tablet that I'm missing. (I'm much more familiar with the 4.2.2 tablet).

Comparing the logfiles does not shed any light. I keep coming back to a problem or setting on the tablet that I can't find.

Has anyone else had this problem and fixed it?

Note: apparently not a duplicate of Can't connect to OpenVPN properly on Lollipop

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It turns out Lollipop has bugs relating to routing of VPN connections when OpenVPN is used. This reddit post gave me the clue that the problem was routing on the client side. After a lot of trial and error, by switching to OpenVPN for Android client (which gives better control over settings) I was able to set up manual routes and get it to connect and work.

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