I have been using my country's local network for quiet some time, this number is used for all my transaction and other otp authentication stuff, also i use this to track incoming text messages from different services that i have subscribed to.

This number is currently used in my nexus, however i have plans to travel to another country (long time) where i need the otp and auth stuff. The country where i would be travelling would not support this cell network or its too expensive to have it supported.

Essentially, is there a way I can read my Nexus 5x's messages remotely I.e. from another device?


Remote Control? Hmmmm.


  • Airdroid is an app that allows relative remote control of a device, remotely.

  • Install it on the 5x, and make sure you create an account. Y'all be needing it. Also, tap the menu, then settings, and disable the confirmation for lite mode and enable keep-awake*

  • On the other device, go to and bookmark web.airdroid.com DO NOT LOGIN YET!

  • Disconnect from WiFi on your 'other' device, and in the 5x too if you want. Then, login on your other device.

  • If all goes well, it will connect to your phone, no issues! Just tap 'messaging' in the corner, and you are done!

*You may need to enable Developer options (Settings -> about phone tap build number 7 times, then back, then pick the new options) and pick stay awake while charging (tick it!) Also, Airdroid is battery consuming, so keep it on charge!

  • Additionally, if you use USB or root, you can see and control the Android screen on your PC – user186920 Oct 29 '16 at 11:13
  • Developer options is not necessary only for reading messages – user186920 Oct 29 '16 at 11:13
  • @MarkYisri Had not tested that. sometimes, the option to stay awake while charging is in there. – Dan Brown Oct 29 '16 at 19:11

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