I recently update my device to Android Nougat and found that i'm not able to all content of the traffic on my charles proxy, and when I used marshmallow/Lollipop devices, I can still see what I want to see.

Based on this Android Security Config, We have the control of the certificates we want to trust for the application we own. ( we need to add this config file into manifest.)

How about other nougat applications (api>=24) ? How can I see other nougat applications' traffic content? is there a way to do so since we don't own the application, there is no way for us to trust certain self-signed cert.


If you want to to look at the network traffic there is still the possibility on a rooted device to use XPosed and one of the Anti-SSL modules (e.g. JustTrustMe).

Unfortunately XPosed is currently only available for 32bit Android versions and most Nougat devices I have seen use Android 64bit.

Or if you want to investigate a regular app from AppStore you can modify and re-sign the app (e.g. via APKTool) - of course this only works for apps that don't have an integrity check.

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