i followed these instructions,

How can I automatically clear my browsing data when I exit Chrome?

and works very well on android 6.0.1

I tried on other android 4.1.2 devices, but tasker give me a 255 error?

Are there limitations on android 4.1.2??

Have you any idea??

Thanks in advance


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I have tested the scripts and they work pretty well on android 4.3.

However to diagnose your problem I made 2 tests:

  1. Ran the script in Tasker without root - the result was indeed a 255 error see below:

error 255

  1. Disabled root and enabled Tasker's acessibilty service - the script is executed normally.

So in conclusion, you need to Enable accessibility service for Tasker or tick use root, however root is not a necessity as long you've enabled the accessibilty of Tasker.

So you just need to follow the Instructions for Tasker and perform the script mentioned by Firelord , (credit to Firelord):

  • It didn't work for me, I tried using the above script u mentioned but didn't worked out and also Tasker doesn't produce any errors, still I check on chrome and saw the browsing data Commented Oct 6, 2021 at 10:32

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