I have Moto G5 Plus. I have enabled One-button navigation in Moto Actions using which I can use the swipe actions on home button to replicate back/home/recent apps buttons. This hides the onscreen buttons of back, home & recent apps.

But when any keyboard app is open (SwiftKey, GBoard) then these buttons appear onscreen. How can I hide these buttons when keyboard app is open?


Or go to settings > display > expanded desktop and hide the navbar for your keyboard apps.

If that doesn't work, use tasker to hide the navbar when a keyboard is open.

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    There is no setting of 'expanded desktop' – Naveen Apr 26 '17 at 11:25
  • Bummer. That must be just a lineageOS/Cyanogenmod thing. – Briandotcom0 May 5 '17 at 20:08

It seems this was issue with Moto G5 Plus itself. Lenovo release an update NPN25.137-67 which fixes this issue and I no longer see the onscreen buttons of back, home & recent apps in Keyboard apps anymore.


I had a similar issue with my phone, but that happened after I switched on the magnify option. Check if u have the accessibility icon on the right hand corner of the navigation bar. If yes just go the setting > accessibility>magnification> turn of magnify with button. The navigation bar will disappear.

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