I was in low coverage area for a week and was getting "Aw snap" error in google chrome. I'm using on android 4.0.4. But now when I back to full coverage area still getting Aw Snap error. I tried suggested solutions as if facing frequently but still occurring. Even I had reset my phone once and reinstall chrome though. Mostly error showing for specific sites. How do I can get rid of it? Or do I need to contact my carrier?


The Aww Snap crush is a bug in chromium caused by different things:

  1. Low memory

    • It is also possible that site contains lots of images or JavaScript which might force Chrome to run out of space on the device while loading the site.

    • I'd suggest you clear up some space on the device and reboot the device.

    • If it helps, try closing any unused application in background to save resources (CPU, RAM and disk space) and see if Chrome continues to crash.

  2. This vulnerability crashes browser tabs when encountering a link with a malformed URL in the HTML of a page.

    • The bug crashes the browser without the user taking any direct action other than loading the affected page.

    • This vulnerability occurs because of Chrome's habit of prefetching page data, such as performing DNS lookups on domain names in links on a page, in a preemptive attempt to speed up future loads. Chrome will try and work out which link on a site you're likely to click on next and then pre-load in the background.

    • Possible fix is disabling pre-fetching

    • Go to Settings >> Privacy >> Use a prediction service to load pages more quickly >> Uncheck box.

    3. Another possible cause is a corrupt profile.

    • You can create a new profile, but if you do, custom data won't be available by default. This includes bookmarks, extensions and settings that you may have changed in Chrome.


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Just go to Recent apps menu where u clean up background processes and lock the Chrome app. It solved the problem in my case. Hope it does in your case too.

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