1. Does the Google Daydream View headset contain any electronic hardware/software components it it? If so, what are their roles?
  2. Same question but for the Samsung Gear VR.
  3. The Gear VR has a label on its side that reads "Powered by Oculus". What does that even mean?

I think it's safe to say the Google Cardboard has no electronic components inside the headset, right? So that's off the list.


Look at the teardown of the two devices:

Gear VR - contains circuitry for the capacitive touchpad on it, plus sensors for detecting if the user is present and USB for connecting it with the phone (presumably to send/receive the above 2 signals).

Daydream View - same for the touchpad, plus NFC chips for one-touch pairing with the phone, and Bluetooth for communication with the Daydream controller.

Gear VR is co-developed with Oculus and thus bears their mark.

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