I already read Recover contacts and images from stolen phone. And that answer did not work for me. I have explained it on the question.

My android phone was stolen. I need to get all contact of my phone. I had enable sync in that phone.

When I visit https://contacts.google.com/, it has only a very few contacts (seems like below 10% and all them has an email too). How can I get all contacts?

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If you are seeing only few contacts its mean Mobile contacts were not fully sync with Google account.

Possibilities :

  • if he/she hard reset your phone already , there is no chance for recovering or retrieving contacts.
  • if he/she is near any known WiFi network for phone , Phone will get connected with WiFi automatically and will get sync if sync is enabled in phone.
  • Report police and try to get phone back and sync it manually with google cloud and make sure all contacts available in cloud.

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