Sadly, a few fine Apps are banned from the official Market by Google (e.g. Transdroid): How can I keep those Apps up to date, without visiting the project sites regularly?


Try using aTrackdog, pretty sure that'll be what you're looking for!

  • Thanks Jester, this one comes pretty close. It seems that aTrackdog can't be automated, but it's still the best solution atm. :) – Flow Feb 2 '12 at 11:53

I usually sign up for an RSS feed on the project's website, and add the feed to a separate group in Google Reader. Since I sync up with Reader twice a day, when an update to an app I'm following is available I know about it the same day.

For sites that don't provide a native RSS feed, there are some services that can generate an RSS feed on-the-fly, like Feed43 or FeedBeater, for example.

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