In android many times I just want to paste in text after the current text. But Android won't offer the paste context unless I select text. This means I have to overwrite text I want or insert a garbage word that will get pasted over. How do I just append the text in the clipboard to the current text?

For example if I long press after the entered text android selects the last set of chars and i have tonpaste over it. long press after text


On Android, to paste text, all you have to do, is long press anywhere after the last words that are displayed at the moment. This will bring up a few options, and one of them will be paste press on that, and the text will appear where you want it to.

In the screenshot below, if you want to paste something after the word here all you have to do, is long press where the red circle is (or anywhere along the line). This can get tricky in a situation where you want to paste between words.



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