Xposed development has been in a limbo with the last update being a beta released a year ago.

Die hard fans of Xposed hesitate to upgrade Android, in the absence of Xposed support.This is true for the latest Android Pie as well. Magisk is useful but cannot replace Xposed for deep stuff. Yet another concern is Safety Net getting triggered when Xposed framework is installed through Magisk.

What are the alternatives available? Preferably without triggering Safety Net?

Note :

  1. This is a self answered question to share my recent foray into this after upgrading to Pie.

  2. Moderators are welcome to make this a wiki Q and A if it attracts more updates or if deemed fit.


There are significant changes in Magisk /EdXposed drivers which are updated here How to install EdXposed on Android 10 without triggering safety net

Please refer to updated installation instructions.

*Alternatives to Xposed (rovo89) are:

  • Virtual Xposed - a rootless Xposed and therefore far less capable. I didn't investigate further for this reason but I read that development on this has stopped (unconfirmed).

  • Tai-Chi Xposed by the same developer of Virtual Xposed and supports Android Pie. Said to be close sourced and likely to be paid module per some reports.

  • Edxposed. This is the alternative I chose.

Disclaimer: I am not a developer nor am I affiliated to any app or module.

Is it safe?


For an average user like me, two factors help decide:

  • Open Source Vs Close Source Edxposed is Open source. I have no understanding of code and cannot draw any conclusion from looking at code. But yes, being open source means it is subject to scrutiny by knowledgeable folks and therefore safer (Please don't drag me into open source discussion, rather post an alternative answer :).

  • Provenance or trust attached

    • The last Xposed update by rovo89 is also close sourced (as against earlier versions which are open source). This being close source would not have detracted people from using it purely based on developer's reputation.

    • In the case of Edxposed, my trust lies with Marcel (aka M66B) who has developed several privacy centered modules / apps such as NetGuard, Xprivacy, XprivacyLua and FairEmail. For me, when a staunch privacy advocate like Marcel starts development using EdXposed(edit-completed development), that's pretty much sovereign guarantee despite some warnings about close source (Incidentally, this claim is incorrect and a Reddit user informed XDA portal. To clarify again, it is open source)

Is it as good as Xposed and can I use all Xposed modules?

  • It is not (yet) as powerful as Xposed because it lacks support at this stage for resource hooks but it may get added hopefully.

  • It is still in beta stage but a lot of modules work already. See [Updated] List of Xposed modules for Android Pie working with Ed Xposed Framework for a list of working and non-working modules which is being updated. Take this list with a pinch of salt - it may mean anything from doesn't crash and works partially to fully works. See last question below.

  • For me XPrivacy Lua works and works far better on EdXposed than on the beta version of Xposed on Oreo. Another must module for me is Maxlock which works fine. Only one I want is GravityBox and C3C076 , developer of GravityBox is considering development for EdXposed and it is likely others follow suit.

Does it pass Safety Net?

Yes :)

OK, how do I install it?

Check for updates from corresponding links below as they would change being a beta. Valid as on 12 Feb 19 and will not be updated in this answer. See How to install EdXposed on Android 10 without triggering safety net for a more recent method

Source Android 9.0 uses xposed solutions as updated

Use Magisk order to install these modules in the same order ( You won't find them in the magisk repo. Download them and from Magisk Downloads option click on the + to install and they will appear as Magisk Modules)

  1. Magisk-riru-core-arm-arm64-v10.zip

  2. Magisk-EdXposed-arm-arm64-v x.x_beta-release.zip

  3. Don't reboot yet , install XposedInstaller_by_dvdandroid_19_10_18. apk or from XDA

magisk-EdXposed-v0.2.9.8_beta1-release.zip (check for updates in subsequent releases)

  1. Reboot.

Does it work on modded UI's like that of Samsung , MiUI, Poco etc?

Traditionally XPosed always had a problem with such devices but EdXposed seems to fare better. Issues with some devices are reported so YMMV (check out the linked XDA thread)

List of modules that are fully optimized?

Developers would need to upgrade their modules for working with Pie AND EdXposed. As of now, the following modules meet these requirements


  • You may need multiple reboots.

  • Ignore the warning on the installer Xposed not yet compatible ...with SDK 28...or your Android architecture (see pic below).

  • You may find at times that installer is disabled - reinstall and reboot to fix. For some , soft reboot from installer fixes the problem (root permission needs to be given for installer).

  • Whenever Installer is upgraded, it is better in my experience to uninstall the earlier installer and install the newer one to prevent instability

  • Your device may be noticeably slower to respond - that's a price to pay till things stabilize.

  • Some modules may work with earlier versions of Edxposed and not with later versions or vice-versa.

  • Pro-tip Just in case you land up installing a module that ends up in a boot loop or creates some other problem , it is handy to have [Tool][2018.8.1] Magisk Manager for Recovery Mode (mm) installed so that you can disable or uninstall the Xposed modules from Magisk.

Screenshots are from my MiA1 (Android one) running stock OS with latest Magisk 18.1


(Click to enlarge)

Happy Xposing !


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