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Hi, I downloaded a room file on my Google pixel 3a XL and it left behind a .apk file with the name of the game. I am now unable to delete the file and when I try to it just has a pop up saying ' couldn't delete 1 file'. If someone could please advise as I'm worries about having this file. Thanks

  • You are on Android 10? – Robert Feb 26 at 14:39

You could try rebooting your phone and deleting the file. Its possible that a running app or service has that file handle open and won't let you delete it for that reason.

Its also possible that maybe the file is already deleted its just your app that your using to view the file needs to be refreshed. It can't delete a file that doesn't exist.

You could also use TotalCommander to delete the file.

If that doesn't work, you can always plug your phone up to your computer and use adb.

adb shell rm "/storage/emulated/0/Download/Mario Party 7.apk"

(replace /storage/emulated/0/Download with actual file path)

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