After 3.5 years of use, my Android device (a Xiaomi RedMi 3S) has its internal storage full almost to capacity. I can run its cleaning routine, I can remove photos I snapped and music files I may have stored on it - but over time, more files beyond just that seem to add up. Using the system settings cleaner - same thing: It helps somewhat, but over time, stuff accumulates that it doesn't clean.

I would like, or rather, I need, to remove more data. To do so, I need to be able to differentiate between apps themselves, their reproducible data, their logs/junk leftovers, and the history of interactions, messages and other artifacts due to use. I also need to know what can be deleted and what requires some app-specific deletion facilities.

Obviously I'm not asking for a long list of all of this information for every app; but I would like your advice on how to gather such information. Alternatively - other courses of action for clearing up space which I might not have thought about (Maybe - migration of data to my SD card?)

Note: In case it matters, my Settings | Storage screen says:

  • Apps & app data: 13.37 GB
  • Pictures, Videos: 1.94 GB <- Where are those hiding? :-(
  • Audio: 4.72 MB
  • Cached data: 539.65 MB <- After running the cleaner
  • Other files: 2.86 GB
  • System Storage: 6.24 GB


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