recently I tried to run android games on my laptop in Gameloop emulator (shooter games in general). after playing a couple of minutes in PUBG Mobile with the same headphone on, I noticed that the audio direction and footstep sound are far more clear and accurate than what it sounds on my mobile

  • I have a non-rooted Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro with the latest MIUI 12 on it.
  • and a headphone I purchased from a local store.

I saw this question on this site, and if I'm not wrong, it says that I cannot play more than 2 channel audio on a 3.5mm headphone jack! But since I was able to hear more accurately on my pc with the same 3.5mm audio jack(aux), I am thinking that the android was the problem.

Is there something I can change on my phone to make it output sounds like my pc, or even make it a little more accurate?

PS: another thing I want to mention is, my mobile doesn't even split left or right channel while playing surround videos on youtube. I cannot tell if the sound is completely from the left channel or right because both sides of the headphone play the same sound.

thanks for your suggestions.

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I found a quick fix for this issue, I think that every Xiaomi phone that's on MIUI12 can do the same step, the steps are:

on your phone go to...

Settings -> Additional Settings -> Accessibility-> [scroll down] Mono Audio(turn off this)

on my phone, Mono Audio was (ON) by default, and that is the reason that your phone will get ridiculously loud (both on your headphone and speakers) and not accurate for sound direction while gaming or watching movies, notice if you Disable Mono Audio your over-all Sounds volume will decrease a by half, and AFAIK this is because your Audio volume will combine while on Mono.

hope that helps. thanks

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