Since starting to use USB-C headphones (my new phone has no audio jack), I notice this (to my ears) very annoying issue: during playback of any audio, the sound output will be cut during moments of (very) low volume in the audio stream. For example: listening to an audio book, after every sentence, when the narrator pauses, you will hear a noticeable cut of all sound output, where normally there's always a little white noise in the background. I guess it's an optimization of not sending any audio signal when there is nothing to be heard, but to me these constant breaks in the background white noise are very annoying. As reference: this did not happen when using the audio jack on my old phone. The background white noise was just always present during playback.

I tried to research this issue, but it seems to be either almost impossible to set the right search terms or no one else is complaining about this. Although I find the latter hard to believe, since my partner experiences the same. Also in the Android settings I cannot find anything related to this.

Still I hope there is a way to resolve this. Either by applying a certain (advanced) setting or maybe by using some other workaround trick. Any insight and/or help in this matter is much appreciated, thanks!

PS: I assume this is standard Android behavior for USB-C headphones and not headphone specific. Please enlighten me if I'm wrong.

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    Android knows when audio playback is active or not so stopping audio transmission via USB-C on low volume doesn't make sense in my opinion. Therefore my guess is that it is caused by the headphones. May the the headphones use an integrated digital-analog converter which is shut down on low volume.
    – Robert
    Feb 26 at 11:26


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