I have an issue with my smartphone, the "open with" option doesn't work properly, so when I click on a link (from gmail for example or to open a file) normally I am given the choice to choose on which application I want to open it, but since the last update (miui 12.5 to 13 / android 11 to 12) I can't choose , when I click on "plus" or "more" in the "open with" window to have the choices it doesn't show any suggestions and select randomly an application (sometimes chrome, other times tor/edge/mi browser ... etc).

  • device : xiaomi poco f2 pro
  • miui version : 13.0.2 stable
  • Android version : 12 SKQ 1.211006.001

Issue in the android framework(I think): com.android.internal.app.MiuiResolverActivity

What should I do? Please help me up.

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Head over to Settings> Default Applications and see what your default Browser app is set to.

Then clear the "open with default" options under that respective app's "app info" section

  • no, that's not the problem, I don't have a default browser, I always prefer to select the app I want to use myself, but when I want to see the suggestions (When I press see more) for choosing an app It does not work. May 19 at 20:01

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